Mark runs workshops classes and individual lessons in Glass flame-work at a
number of venues including Canberra Glassworks, Gordon Studios and in his
studio at 107 Projects in Redfern, Sydney.

He has developed an approach to teaching borosilicate Flame-work which
combines improvisation with planning and structure. His aim is to make the first
encounter with this new medium informative yet playful.
“To blow a glass bubble or sculpt a blob of molten glass in the flame is like
working with toffee or liquid gemstone: it’s mesmerising”

Usually marks workshops run for one day, two days or a half day however some
run for a full week and he also provides 2 hour ‘Taster sessions’ Students can
also come to the studio for supervised practice sessions at a discounted rate,
between classes.

Mark also assists other emerging and established artists with special projects
such as incorporating Flame-worked glass elements into a mixed media work.

Contact Mark here for teaching enquiries.

Students Justin and Deena at 107 Projects, Sydney, attending a class

Workshop at Gordon Studios , Mornington Peninsular 2017
This was a two day workshops held at the wonderful studio of glass artists Eileen Gordon and Grant Donaldson on the Mornington Peninsular south of

Photo Roberta Easton



Glass blowing and sculpting is inherently performative and demonstrations are a
favourite activity for Mark. Some of these are ‘watch –only’ while others are fully
interactive with a close engagement with audience members who are invited to
participate in the making of a sculpture by suggesting ideas, adding coloured
glass rods, then blowing into the sculpture via a sterilized blow-hose to see the
molten glass expand. In some cases story telling and costume are also

Contact Mark here for any demonstration requests.

Imagineers Demo, 2018

Photo: Vishal Pandey

Imagineers Demo, 2018

With conference convener Anna-Sophie Jurgens

Photo: Vishal Pandey

Imagineers Demo, 2018

Photo: Vishal Pandey

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